Birds Available Soon!

 Photos of birds will be coming soon!

This year, there will NOT be photos of every bird available for purchase!
I will add photos of individual birds off and on throughout the month of November.
after we talk about what you are looking for.
I simply cannot photograph every bird now in October, then rephotograph every time a buyer asks for new photos.

I am attending the IFFCA (International Fife Fancy Club of America) National Show in Massachusetts November 4th.  Therefore, discussion with buyers, sales pending, and all sales work will be ON HOLD, from now to November 12th, as I prepare my birds and travel to and from the show. 
The 2023 youngsters were hatched in April - June, and I will have a dozen pairs also for sale.

I MAY add a second group if they become available, beginning in December, with possible extras from among the youngsters I kept for my own breeding.  

Shipping is AS WEATHER PERMITS, but will generally be from October until mid December. Some years I am able to ship during January.  It all depends upon the weather!
Shipping is USPS Priority Express for a flat rate.
Pickup is by appointment only and IS available by appointment only.

Types/breeds are:  agate, opal, yellow Thompson color bred, American Singer, and Fife Fancy.
The Thompson canaries is a line of mixed color bred/song breeds... from a long-time breeder working for good color as well as good song.  They have been good parents, as well as great singers.

NOTE:  My determination of sex of individual birds are not an absolute guarantee. 
I do my best at determining sex, by observation, beginning song, behavior,
and all possible indicators.
However, I offer no refunds of either bird price or shipping.
On a case-by-case basis, I will offer a credit of the bird price for purchase of a replacement,
good for 12 months only and shipping is not included in the credit.

Please feel free to call or email is you have questions!
~ TERMS of Sale ~  with prices of birds and shipping costs!

A new place for my photos of Canaries For Sale!

I will use this site for all Canary Sales.

I cannot say I am selling birds on my Facebook Page.

I will keep my SSCanaries website for the FUN things about canaries! 

I will use this site for all talk of Canaries For Sale.
I will continue to update my blog, and host the Canary Games on Facebook!

About My Birds

I began my bird 'venture' because I loved canaries... little did I know how MUCH I loved them!  There are so many benefits from owning a canary:  a whole room full or a single singing companion!

I enjoy the serious side: studying genetics and inheritance, while evaluating and judging the youngsters every year. Interacting with other breeders has given me a great respect for quality and the goal of constant improvement in my own aviary.